Correspondence Early Childhood Education

Early years are crucial in the formation of intelligence, personality and social behaviour. Children are born with physical, social and psychological capacities which allow them to communicate, learn and develop. If these capacities are not recognized and supported by a Distance Learning Early Childhood Education (ECCE) Program, they will never be developed. Proper care at an early age by a good Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) qualified teacher can do much to create an enabling environment that ensures protection and support for more broad-based issues such as children's health, nutrition, psycho-social and cognitive development. An ECCE teacher must be a fellow traveller in the exciting pursuit of knowledge based upon Correspondence Early Childhood Education Course. Success as a teacher depends on a caring attitude, showing respect for children and adults, flexibility, good judgment, dependability and effective communication skills.

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The diploma teacher training programs of VES (India), viz, Early Childhood Education, ECCE, Montessori Training, Nursery Teacher Training or Pre Primary Teacher Training Course support your desire to become part of the professional community of teachers. Our Distance Learning Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Program (India) will prepare you to meet the diverse needs of the Early Childhood Education (ECCE / ECE) profession. Through our comprehensive Correspondence Teacher Training Early Childhood Education Program (India), you will acquire the knowledge and practical skills necessary to foster social, emotional, cognitive and physical development in children. We'll give you the flexibility to do this Distance Learning Early Childhood Education Course so that you are able to do the Early Childhood Correspondence (ECE / ECCE India) Course sitting in the comforts of your home and without rescheduling your daily routine. We will assist you with regular guidance and provide you with a support system of ECCE / ECE experts in India in the field of Early Childhood Education.

Distance Learning Early Childhood Education

Outcomes of Program

Our Correspondence Early Childhood Education Course (ECCE India) will provide you with the knowledge and experience you need for an enjoyable career of working with young children at any stage of development as our Early Childhood Education Correspondence (ECE / ECCE India) Course focuses on early child growth and development including adult-child relationships. The Early Childhood Correspondence Course will emphasis development of skills and techniques for providing appropriate environments and care for young children. We will equip you (ECCE India), with instructions in the physical, emotional, social and cognitive areas of early childhood. Our Distance Learning Early Childhood Education program in India provides students with a strong foundation in Early Childhood Education theory and practice with the opportunity to gain knowledge about the Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE India) topics related to early childhood growth and development, child psychology, early childhood teaching, administration and policy making required in an early childhood care and education set-up. The curriculum of Correspondence Early Childhood Education Course (India) will impart understanding about children's wellness, health care and safety, which will serve an important role in preparing children for future learning. Our Early Childhood Education Teacher Training Programs (India), allow students to pursue a variety of interests within the teacher training field, including teaching, administration, public policy, research and preparation for more advanced doctoral work.

Early Childhood Education Correspondence Courses

Length of the Course

The length of the course is one year. i.e. you will have to complete the course any time within a year from your date of enrolment.

What is the Eligibility for the course?

You will be eligible for the course if you are 10+2 qualified or above.