Pre - Primary Teacher Training Course

Working with children can be a lot of fun. The distance learning preprimary teacher training program from Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) in India will give you the knowledge and skills to work with young kids in a safe, secure and motivating atmosphere. As a preprimary teacher training educator, you'll get to connect with children and their families, thereby providing quality child care and education required for a pre-schooler.

The distance learning pre-primary teachers training diploma programme offered by VES in India is a comprehensive course which covers both theoretical and practical aspects of pre-school education, which every pre-school teacher must be well-acquainted with. Our distance learning teacher training education programme (India) aims to make you a trained expert specializing in the area of educating and dealing with pre-school children. We will inculcate in you the skills of organizing and managing classrooms and preschools and also the skill of using the resources to maximize the potential of the learning atmosphere. You will be taught to plan and carry out activities as per the educational goals of a teacher for pre-schoolers. Our Pre Primary Teacher Training programme in India will thereby enable you to build a motivating and cheerful classroom environment where play-way method is the medium of teaching and where learning becomes fun for children.

Preschool Teacher Training

Preschool Teacher Training Education has gained lot of recognition as it lays strong foundation for later learning of a child. With knowledge of teacher training coming to light, the demand for teachers who possess requisite qualification and training has increased tremendously.

Before enrolling a child in a school, parents, along with considering a good infrastructure, also look out for well-qualified and trained teachers who have the skill of creating a playful and stimulating atmosphere. Therefore, the school management makes it a point to identify and employ trained and 'best-performing' teachers. Thus, our teacher training education programme in India helps not only the novice trainee teachers but also the in-service teachers to upgrade their knowledge and remuneration accordingly.

Pre Primary Education in India

The highlight of our pre-primary teacher training correspondence / distance learning course is that you can stay back at your home, continue with your job or profession, manage your family responsibilities and simultaneously earn this pre-primary teachers training diploma certificate. You can complete the course from the comfort of your home within a year as the course duration of our teacher training programmes is one year. Anyone who has completed HSC is eligible to do our teacher training course.