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Are You Ambitious to do more than just a job?

Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES), a renowned Online Montessori Training Institute in India, is a Govt. Regd. Teacher Training Institute under Societies' Registration Act, 1860 and Public Trust Act, 1950. It caters to a host of teacher training courses in India and abroad. At VES, we Endeavour to fulfill your ambition to become a teacher and thus serve the community by providing you with world-class Teacher Training Education Courses in India and abroad.

Working as a teacher is much more than a job. It's an undertaking to do a noble service to the community. More parents, today, understand the benefits of entrusting their child in the care of a professionally trained teacher who can provide a caring, safe and enriched environment to their child and thus bring about the desired growth and development of their ward. Quality Montessori training is in demand as it gives rise to teachers who can build up stimulating educational environments where children thrive and take to learning.

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Formula for Success

Get your online Montessori Teacher Training Diploma from VES (India), whether you are a fresher or whether you are working. We provide professional distance /online/regular or in-class Montessori teachertraining programs to those interested throughout India and around the globe. We are proud to acknowledge that our diploma holders are highly successful in acquiring employment in child care set-ups being run on Montessori principles.

Successful completion of Montessori Teacher Training Online Course (India) sets the foundation for our students who have undergone Montessori Course Online to acquire jobs as teachers, principals, supervisors, curriculum planners, course co-ordinators, and child care-takers. Online Montessori Training Course will also enable you to open your own pre-school, day-care, crèche, hobby or activity centre etc.

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Our Montessori Training programs (India) are designed for those with busy schedules. You are not required to attend to class times or meet stiff deadlines. Most of our students who have undergone Montessori Training Online continue to work part time / full time while they do their Montessori Teacher Training Diploma (India). Students can successfully complete Online Montessori Training Diploma Program (India) with ease and at their pace.

We Ensure Quality

We have done years of research and come up with world-class study materials that acquaint you with a comprehensive training. Our Online Montessori Teacher Training Course content concentrates both on theoretical as well as practical nuances of teaching methods - all in a systematic and user-friendly presentation. Our Online Montessori Teacher Training course curriculum is in keeping with current trends in child teaching and is constantly innovated by our expert panel of researchers, curriculum planners and co-ordinators in the field of teacher training.

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Our Success

Our Montessori Teacher Training Online diploma holders are placed as teachers, co-teachers, assistant teachers, principals, supervisors, course-coordinators, curriculum planners , child care-takers in prestigious schools and child care set-ups throughout India and abroad. VES (India) has been in the teacher training field for the past decade and during this time has produced teachers who can easily become role-models to young impressionable minds and thus bring about a positive change in the society.