Phonics Sounds

We provide phonics professional development to empower teachers to deliver effective phonics teaching. Our comprehensive certificate programme provides you with a structured yet engaging approach to phonics to enable every child to read and write.

This programme will help you in the following ways: You will learn how to allow kids to learn independently develop independent reading and writing develop creative mind for story ideas enrich vocabulary pronounce words correctly be more confident, vocal and social Trainees can start their own Phonics Classes for Kids. They can also start other activities related to language and development for kids below 7 years. It is very easy to get jobs in pre-schools or schools with pre-primary and primary grades as the demand for Phonics is very high and comparatively teachers are very few. High paying and satisfying part-time or full-time careers can be taken up. The purpose of this programme is to enable parents to guide their preschool kids in all areas of phonics so that do not need to attend extra academic enrichment classes and even tuition class all the way in pre-primary and primary levels. When kids need not attend extra classes (especially just to learn how to spell, read and write), they have more time at home to play, rest, learn and focus on talent development instead. This also saves a lot of time and money for the parents.