Career Scope

Widen your career scope beyond limits by enrolling in one of our teacher training programmes !

Working with children can be a lot of fun. The distance learning preprimary teacher training program from Vidhyanidhi Education Society (VES) in India will give you the knowledge and skills to work with young kids in a safe, secure and motivating atmosphere. As a preprimary teacher training educator, you'll get to connect with children and their families, thereby providing quality child care and education required for a pre-schooler.

Teachers / Trainers

After the successful completion of Early childhood education course or Montessori teacher training course or nursery teacher training course or pre primary teacher training course you can join pre-schools/ nursery schools/ pre-primary schools/ kindergartens/ playschools as a teacher or an assistant teacher. After the successful completion of the teacher training programme by an existing teacher, she can get promotions or avail opportunities of increment at her workplace. You can also have a fruitful career as a trainer / faculty at a teacher training institute of repute.

Teacher Training Course


The successful completion of our teacher training programmes viz early childhood diploma, Diploma in Montessori teachers training, Diploma in Nursery teacher training or Diploma in preschool teacher training allows you to become an entrepreneur and start your independent flourishing venture in the field of pre-school education. You can set up, run and manage a pre-school/ nursery school/ pre-primary school/ kindergarten/ playschool, crèche / day care centre, hobby classes / activity club / recreation club, holiday/ summer/winter camp.This will not only provide you with a business proposition, but it will also give you an opportunity to give employment to others.